The Live Chart and the future forecasts of the Serbian Dinar against the US dollar are given below. Here you can also see live rates of USDRSD i.e USD to RSD. This analysis is given by Dinar Guru.

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Serbian Dinar Forecast | USDRSD Rate Live

If we talk about the long-term return of Serbian Dinar i.e. USDRSD from 2008 to 2017, it has given phenomenal returns i.e. 140%. The Value of 1 USD was 47.8 RSD in 2008 and its value is 118.250 RSD in 2017. The value of 1 USD is 96.5 RSD in 2022. This currency pair is doing correction from 2017 and its correction may be complete by the end of 2022 and it will be a great opportunity for you to invest in the USD RSD for the long term. It may also reach 150 RSD in a few years. So as far as the long-term investment opportunity of Serbian Dinar is concerned, the USD RSD was in an uptrend for the last 10 years and it is in correction, so get ready to invest in it at the right level or as soon as it starts showing that it’s gonna go up.

Serbian Dinar Forecast | USDRSD Rate Live

The good thing about the Serbian Dinar is it is a very liquid currency pair so that you can easily make positional trades on any weekly timeframe. But it’s not that liquid for making intraday trades. So stay away from the short-term trading from this currency pair otherwise you will be trapped into it.

Like all the other Dinar currency pairs, USDRSD does not have great volumes and liquidity. Still, Stock markets and crypto markets are better than this pair to invest in, but if you want to hold or invest in a Dinar Currency, the Serbian Dinar is the best option especially way better than the Iraqi Dinar. If everything goes well for the Serbian Dinar, it can easily hit the 150 mark in the upcoming 3-4 years.

The Technical chart of the USDRSD is very solid and shows a highly bullish trend. So mind one thing, the trend is always your friend until it bends. So as far as USDRSD is in the good uptrend, you should enjoy its move. But you must keep the stop loss before making any investment or trading. Stoploss is very vital for preserving your capital. Remember one thing, it doesn’t matter how bullish you are in a stock or any financial instrument, Stoploss is inevitable.