The Live Chart and the future forecasts of the Iraqi Dinar against the US dollar are given below. Here you can also see live rates of USDIQD i.e USD to IQD. This analysis is given by Dinar Guru.

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Iraqi Dinar Forecast | USDIQD Rate Live

If we talk about the long-term return of Iraqi Dinar i.e. USDIQD from 2005 to 2022, it has given approximately zero returns. The Value of 1 USD was 1476 IQD in 2005 and its value is 1458 IQD in 2022. So as far as the long-term investment opportunity of Iraqi Dinar is concerned, it is ambiguous.

Iraqi Dinar Forecast | USDIQD Rate Live

The worst thing about the Iraqi Dinar is it is very illiquid and changes suddenly and abruptly and these kinds of financial instruments behave like double-edged swords, which produces high returns and also results in huge losses. Iraqi Dinar is not the last investment opportunity in the world for which you are going crazy.

There are many investment opportunities are available which are way better than the USDIQD to invest. The USDIQD pair is very uncertain and it is regulated by the government bodies, not by the Supply and Demand. Mind one thing that the more government regulations are involved in a financial instrument, the riskier and less profitable is it to invest in it.

It is always wise to invest in a liquid Financial Instrument where you can invest and divest any time where the gap between the bid and ask price is less. So, it is our advice that you should not invest in the Iraqi Dinar for a few years. The Technical Chart of this Currency pair suggests you should get out from this pair.